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Sheaffer 300 Glossy Black Barrel and Bright Chrome Cap Ballpoint Pen

Sheaffer 300 Glossy Black Barrel and Bright Chrome Cap Ballpoint Pen

The Sheaffer Pen Company, a timeless symbol of innovation and quality craftsmanship in the world of writing instruments, was established in 1913 in Fort Madison, Iowa, U.S.A. Each Sheaffer pen tells a story of artistry and precision, reflecting an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Sheaffer is the pioneer of the lever-filling fountain pen, the inlaid nib and many more significant advancements, underscoring the company's perpetual drive for innovation. Sheaffer pens have been more than just a witness to history; they have written it. Your involvement and support keep the spirit of Sheaffer alive, so let's continue to write this story together.

Writers who take a strong position prefer a pen that takes a strong stance. Sheaffer® 300 makes its presence known with a commanding, structured profile and excellence in writing performance. A bit of a maverick, 300 boldly bridges the worlds of the traditional and the unexpected.

  • Noteworthy flat top and wide center band
  • Ample silhouette is comfortably weighted and balanced
  • Iconic slotted clip
  • Features the Sheaffer® White Dot® symbol of quality and prestige
  • Presented in a luxury gift box

Personalize this writing tool with our custom engraving service to craft a gift that's both functional and meaningful. Not only will the pen last a lifetime, it will take on new significance for the owner as a treasured keepsake, a reminder of fond memories every time they use it, or a professional status symbol filling them with confidence with every stroke.

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