Collection: Clocks

Clocks are an indispensable part of our everyday lives and, on a greater scale, indispensable to the advancement of human civilization and essential to the human experience. We order our days, record our moments, and schedule our plans according to the numbers decorating the dial. We live life in days, minutes, and seconds, all enumerated by the ticking of the clock's hands. 

As time is so fundamental to the human experience, it makes perfect sense to make cherished keepsakes of these time-keeping machines. Even today, in a world when a perfectly calibrated digital clock resides in every pocket, a traditional clock just becomes that much more meaningful. It intentionally recognizes that time is our most precious asset, and the most important of gifts we can give.

And so at Unforgettable, we encourage gifting personalized clocks as a way to commemorate the passage of time, and all the precious moments lived in that time. Occasions may include wedding anniversaries, retirements or job anniversaries, birthdays or years of hard work on a project.

Whether it's a small desk alarm clock, a stately mantelpiece, a chiming gold anniversary clock, or a fascinating mechanical statement piece, each of our timepieces are ready to be personalized with our custom engraving service. Craft a personal memento worthy of the years your recipient has dedicated, so that they may cherish it for all the years to come.