Collection: Blue

Blue: a complicated color.

We humans "sing the blues." We feel longing, angst, and sadness... but in experiencing these emotions shared at one time or another by all, represented by shades of blue, we find the beauty of creation and a shared experience of being human.

Like the vast expanse of oceans filling the earth and giving us life, the depths of the human soul are limitless and abundant in creative potential. Like the boundless blue skies, our imagination channels the divine in those heavens, fueling our ambitions and collective efforts.

Blue is the color of sensitivity - of feeling loss, sadness and tears, but in the same breath, it teaches us what it means to be human, unlocking our creative faculties and imbuing them with empathy and soul, the kind that deeply connects with other people and binds us all together.

Tap into that well of creativity as you craft an emotional message to inscribe on any of our blue products. Creating such a meaningful keepsake may even bring them to tears - the good kind, of course.