Collection: USA Made

Unforgettable Engraved Gifts proudly prioritizes American made goods when curating the selection of engravable gifts we carry.

Firstly, what we do here is all about deepening and honoring the bonds between people. We believe knowing the proximity of where your items you purchase are made contributes to the significance of them as a gift.

We can picture a woodworker in his Midwestern sawdust covered garage with dogs howling in the yard, the woman mixing and hand pouring candles in her New Jersey kitchen while young teens horse around in the next room, or the small business casting and soldering jewelry in the Texas heat while blasting fans muffle country classics playing on the radio. Even in a more industrial capacity, a factory in Pennsylvania is full of salt of the earth men and women like the ones we all know and love.

That leads to the second point. Stocking our store with USA made product means supporting our communities. It means jobs, economic prosperity, fulfillment and purpose for our own. Supporting local is where the real change happens, and we are honored to sell items produced in our own city, county, state, and even our own shop.

The people of America have always been enterprising and innovative, from our colonial and frontier roots to our ascent to global influence, and our work shows that history.