FAQ (Store Policies Within)

Q: How long will my order take?

A: Most orders are completed same day, or next day if the order is placed after business hours. Busy holiday seasons can extend turnaround times. Large quantity orders can also take longer to complete. We encourage you to contact us to discuss how to meet your deadline if you are concerned about receiving your order within a certain time frame.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Due to the nature of our business, Unforgettable cannot accept returns or exchanges for any merchandise that has been engraved.

Eligible returns should be accompanied by a receipt and must be requested within 60 days of the original transaction.

Return shipping is the customer’s monetary responsibility unless of course there was an error on our end, in which case we will make it right and cover any costs in doing so.

Q: Can I change my order after it’s been placed?

A: In order to best serve our customers, we begin processing orders as soon as possible. We encourage you to double check all information before submitting an order. Nevertheless, if you need to change any part of your order, we urge you to contact us immediately. If your item(s) have not yet been engraved, we can easily accommodate changes. If production has already begun, we can discuss possible solutions for your order.

Q: How do I change the shipping address after the order has been placed?

A: Please contact us before you are notified that your order has shipped.

Q: Can I order online and pick up in store?

A: Online orders can be picked up in store at no additional charge. This option is ideal to order ahead, avoid shipping costs and get your items sooner.

Q: Do you offer bulk discounts?

A: Yes. Businesses, organizations, weddings, and other large quantity orders are always encouraged and discounts offered. Please contact us to discuss bulk pricing.

Q: I need a greater quantity of an item than is in stock. Can I order more?

A: Absolutely, given our vendor has sufficient stock. Contact us to place your special order.

Q: Can you engrave languages other than English?

A: Certainly. If the language uses the same alphabet as English (Latin/Roman alphabet), this is usually just as simple as engraving in English. If the language uses a different alphabet (Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit, Hiragana, etc.) your order may take a little longer and cost more. Please contact us to make sure the desired text is sent correctly and we can check if there’s any stipulations to consider for spacing and such.

Q: Can you engrave a business logo or other personal design?

A: Yes we can. Contact us with your file and to place an order.

Q: Can you perform engraving that the website won’t allow me to input? (Specific compositions, text orientations, etc.)

A: Most likely. Projects that are outside the box excite us and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your ideas and place your order.

Q: Do you engrave items I purchased elsewhere?

A: Yes! Unforgettable welcomes you to bring your items purchased outside our store/website to be engraved. Please be aware that the cost of engraving items bought elsewhere is higher than the cost of engraving items bought from us. 

It is best if you can physically bring your item in-person. If this is not feasible, please contact us with images and detailed descriptions (size, material, etc.) so we can determine if it is engravable and something we can process. 

Q: What is the cost of engraving?

A: At Unforgettable, we offer more extensive engraving services than most other providers. We engrave more materials (metals, glass, crystal, wood, plastics, leather, etc.), objects (big/small, flat/cylindrical, etc.), and subjects (text, design, logo, handwriting, etc.), by more methodologies (CNC, pantograph, hand, laser) than other companies, and we specialize in these services. Due to this and the highly customized nature of our work, many variables are considered in pricing your custom engraving order.

The intricacies of this pricing model cannot currently be implemented online. Ordering online may incur slightly higher costs. We offer online ordering as a convenience. Please contact us to place an order if you would like to ensure you receive in-store pricing.

- Standard Engraving (CNC rotary & diamond drag): charged by the letter, per item. "Letter" here means alphabetical (Latin) letters, numbers, symbols and special characters like $#@&+=%£¢¥ etc. Punctuation (i.e., !?,."-~'_/([]\):;°¡º–“…‘˚´) is engraved courtesy (no charge). It does not matter if the letters are spread out on multiple surfaces of the item (front/back, each cufflink, etc.), the font size, or what material they are engraved on.

  • Starts 80¢ per letter, minimum $12. There are price breaks for lengthy text (generally on awards, plaques, etc.) which unfortunately can't be calculated online.
  • Non-standardly oriented text (arched, slanted, vertical, etc.) = +10%. The +10% applies only to those letters in the composition that are non-standardly oriented.
  • Oxidation, enameling & paint fill = +10%, minimum $5.
  • Designs, symbols, logos, etc. $3-$19, determined by complexity.
  • Customer supplied logos/designs setup = $25 one-time charge. The file you supply of your logo, whether vector or bitmap, cannot just be engraved. Any part of the design that is filled, or more than just a mere outline (so patches of solid color, thick lines, etc.) must be hatched. Just like drawing with a pen, the only way to fill an outline is with lines (hatching), whether they be back-and-forth, crosshatched, etc. Formatting the logo to work this way takes time and labor, hence the additional one-time charge (once it's set up, it can be used over and over to engrave on endless items.)

- Laser Engraving: charged by item material and engravable surface size, per surface (e.g., front and back would be x2 cost.)

  • This is because laser engraving is performed more akin to how a digital printer works. The entire composition is engraved into the material via side-to-side movement of a laser axis that manifests the artwork. Think of how a computer printer produces your document or image line by line, as a whole from top to bottom, to form the printed subject on paper, rather than filling out each individual letter in succession, as you would when writing with pen on paper. Standard CNC engraving, however, is more akin to drawing or writing. In addition to the x and y axes used to plot the artwork, a z axis is used to physically "draw" (engrave) the elements of the composition. Just like how you form lines with your pencil against paper to write out a word, drawing letters one-by-one in succession, the cutters we equip to the z axis form lines to draw a design or write out a word into the surface of the material. At Unforgettable, we advocate the more tactile nature and traditional craftsmanship of standard mechanical (CNC) engraving. We use laser only when CNC cannot be used on a material, or to achieve a desired effect. The speed at which the laser works depends on the substrate, hence the material/time factor in cost. For example, a large design on leather could likely be done quicker than a medium design on a hardwood.
  • Small/fast = $20, medium = $32, large/slow = $45.

- Carry-in item engraving is as above, +25% on engraving costs, minimum $25. Odd objects = +$15 (odd meaning it will require some extra creativity to maneuver in the machine.) If identically engraving multiples, a price break may be considered.

- Graphic designing (setting up engraving artwork in design softwares other than the engraving software, in order to utilize a broader range of fonts and design elements) = $50/hour.

- Inside Ring Engraving: $2.50 per character (letter, number, punctuation, symbol), minimum $20. The inside of rings must be engraved with a manually operated pantographic machine. No computer is involved.

- Please contact us for estimates on hand engraving.

Unforgettable takes pride in our work and we value it accordingly and competitively. Customers pay for years of dedication honing a rare skill, superior talent, and unparalleled personal service. We are honest, fair, and transparent about our pricing.

While you may see other companies offer “free engraving/personalization,” truthfully they have inflated the retail price of the item or hidden the cost elsewhere. We believe this to be an unfair practice, as the cost you then pay is not tailored to your specific custom order. It's just part of an assembly line. They are also telling you that their work is subpar, as it's not worthy of a value itself.

Q: Will you provide a proof prior to engraving my order?

A: While it is not standard to provide a proof on every order, we can certainly provide one at your request, and will probably do so regardless if it is a large order with multiple pieces being identically engraved, or a unique engraving/design request.

Q: Is payment due when I order? Can I place a deposit?

A: Payment in full is required at the time of purchase for merchandise, engraving, and any relevant fees. An order will not begin production until the full cost has been paid. Exceptions may only be possible for large quantity orders.

Unforgettable accepts cash (USD), all major credit/debit card carriers, ApplePay, GooglePay, MetaPay, Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, checks, and Bitcoin. Cash is only accepted for in-store sales. Orders paid via personal check may not be processed until the check has cleared. Contact for CashApp and Bitcoin address.