Collection: Jewelry Boxes & Storage

Jewelry boxes and other storage solutions are a timeless gift for many occasions, and for many a good reason. These items serve an important purpose in housing our beloved valuables - jewelry, accessories, and other trinkets - keeping metals safe from indoor elements, gemstones clean and polished, and all our array of accoutrements neatly organized.

These boxes and other containers can be a piece of treasure unto themselves though. They are the first point of tactile contact in that morning or evening ritual, when we're ready to adorn our embellishments. They are the first object in our line of sight, resting on our dresser, vanity, or nightstand.

At Unforgettable Engraved Gifts, these keepsake houses come in a variety of styles and materials. From ornately decorated silver and opulent faceted glass, to rustic handworked wood and traditionally soldered metals.

Whether it's a dainty ring box for a momentous wedding proposal, a robust watch box and valet for the sophisticated gentleman, a musical ballerina box for the little princess, chic trinket boxes for your bridal party, or a regal lady's chest from the historic Mele & Co. brand, Unforgettable has a full range of options for all recipients and gift-giving occasions.

With our bespoke expert engraving services, each of these keepsake-storing vessels can become a uniquely cherished keepsake themselves, as valuable as the valuables safe within.