Collection: Heart ♥︎

The Heart is perhaps the most vital organ in the human body, rhythmically pumping our literal lifeblood. Without heart, there is no life. In keeping with that truth, the heart has stood for millennia as a symbol of what gives our collective lives "life" - love, passion, feeling, kindness and connection.

Wherever we come from, regardless of race, culture, or religion, we all recognize the metaphor of heart. Whether it's about "wearing your heart on your sleeve" in the form of a heart-shaped locket, gifting heart-shaped keepsakes to whoever "stole your heart" on romantic holidays, or bestowing honors on someone whose passionate work is "full of heart"... there are endless reasons for giving meaningful heart gifts, because the heart is at the core of the human experience and the very cause for celebration in all of these occasions.

Let your heart "guide your hand" as you craft the perfect emotional message to engrave on any of our heart-related inventory. Rest assured that at Unforgettable, our heart is always in our work too.