Engraving Options

Below are engraved samples of available fonts. In the first image, each font's name is engraved on a metal plaque. In the second image they are engraved on glass, along with examples of paint fill colors. The third image is laser engraving fonts shown on wood.

Unforgettable Available Fonts for Engraving in Lambertville NJ

The paint fill colors are: Green (Signature), Rich Gold (Script 6L), Blue (Bodoni), Silver (Futura), Antique Gold (Roman), Red (Balmoral), Copper (Script 4L), and White (Clarendon). Black is also available (not pictured against the black background.)

These options are generally for glass and crystal engraving only. Some metals can be either oxidized or enameled to blacken the engraving.

Unforgettable Engraved Gifts engraving fonts on glass with color fill

Below are the font options for laser engraving only, sampled on wood. Please only refer to these options if your product selection indicates that it will be laser engraved (generally only used at Unforgettable for leather or certain wood items.)

Unforgettable Engraved Gifts Laser Engraving Fonts on Wood