Collection: Valentine's Day

Don't just say "I Love You" - engrave it. From antiquity's great romances etched in stone tablets to juvenile lover's initials carved in tree bark or sidewalk cement, engraving has long been a symbolic means of immortalizing humanity's greatest emotion - love.

From jewelry for any stylistic sensibility and sentimental photograph keepsakes (lockets, albums and the like) to gorgeous crystal vases for the classic bouquet gift and handcrafted music boxes that communicate the language of the heart, Unforgettable has a romantic selection of gifts as boundless as the depths of your love. After all, it's in our name (derived from a timeless love song you may know.)

While Saint Valentine's Day is traditionally meant for those under Cupid's spell, don't forget the importance of self-care. As the adage goes, you must love yourself to love anyone else. Indulge in the sensual delight of handpoured candles, write yourself affirmations with an exquisite pen and hand tooled leather notebook, or treat yourself to a new glistening piece of jewelry.