Collection: Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are a classic accessory that harken back to a classier time. When men were gentlemen and women were ladies. When the daily standard attire was what we now deem "formalwear." Gifting these timepieces is a way to recognize the worth in your recipient, the same way that dressing professionally, formally, and elegantly is a way to convey our sense of self and present our personal value to the world. 

Whether your gift recipient will adorn themself with a historic style accessory on a regular basis, or utilize the watch as a cherished piece of room and desk decoration, either way they will break the mold and make a statement - a statement of timeless class, refined taste, and sophisticated interests.

At Unforgettable Engraved Gifts, we conveniently stock both mechanical and quartz pocket watches. If your recipient will appreciate the mechanical marvel and admire the moving gears, or will enjoy an authentic vintage experience, opt for giving a mechanical watch. If convenience or a more modern aesthetic is in order, shop our quartz pocket watches, which can always be brought back to our storefront for battery replacement.

Regardless of time-keeping mechanism, all of these stylish timepieces are ready to be customized with our bespoke services. Lidded pocket watches can be engraved front and back, and sometimes even inside, while non-lidded ones can be engraved on the reverse side of the dial, and possibly even the gift box it comes standard in. Other models have even more personalizing potential, like our locket watch that we can size, print, cut, and install a cherished photo in for you.