Our Mission

Unforgettable Engraved Gifts provides expertise in the age-old craft of engraving paired with a unique curated selection of engravable gifts to create truly one-of-a-kind cherished keepsakes with our customers.

Our Story

Sadie Rae Mininni is the owner, founder, engraver, artist and shopkeeper of Unforgettable. Born and raised in northwestern New Jersey, she studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she cultivated a multi-discipline art education.

Finding a job as an engraver for a retail chain, her excellence turned the position into a 6 year span where she ultimately managed a store, turning it from a bottom performer to the top rank, and mastered mechanical engraving.

Seeking a return to a more intimate artistic process, Sadie continued her education with traditional hand engraving classes at the Jewelry Institute of America in Houston, TX where she earned 3 certifications honing the skill.

Feeling the urge to pursue her own vision and follow in the footsteps of generations of small business owners in her family, Sadie founded Unforgettable Engraved Gifts in January 2023, eventually opening the brick-and-mortar shop in Lambertville, NJ later that year.

Our Concept

For Sadie, engraving is all about artistically imbuing an object with sentiment and significance to last a lifetime (or even longer.) Sadie feels evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth, in everything from the design of the physical shop to the offered product line, inspires this end. This is why Unforgettable Engraved Gifts harkens back to a bygone era - a time when products were not disposable, but made to last... When art and design embraced idealism and grandeur, rather than bleak realism and flat modernity... When you knew your local tradespeople and family businesses populated downtown - before faceless corporations became the norm. These are the ingredients for creating fond memories and personal gifts worth cherishing forever.

Our Services

Unforgettable is unique - engraving is today a rare trade, and no other company provides the array of engraving techniques we have harnessed:

  • CNC Engraving (rotary and diamond tip) - Sadie prefers the texture, quality, and versatility of this computer-assisted method over laser engraving. It is efficient and ideal for most daily orders.
  • Pantograph (manually operated mechanical engraving) - the predecessor of CNC and first machine-assisted engraving technology dating back to the 1800's. As it's more time-consuming with no aesthetic benefit, Sadie uses this modality for specific as-needed jobs.
  • Laser Engraving - has its useful capabilities that other methods lack. Ideal for organic materials (leather, wood...)
  • Hand Engraving - the ancient craft. Sadie uses a burin/graver, the same tool as the Renaissance masters. This is conducive to producing ornate art objects and artwork, or higher-end engraving.
  • Intaglio Printing - after engraving a metal plate it is processed and manually pressed to produce a print. Once a standard in the printing industry for ads, illustrations, stationery, banknotes and more, this system is ideal for making art and handcrafted greeting cards, post cards, etc. with a distinct vintage flare.

At Unforgettable, we can engrave a broad variety of materials: metals, glass, crystal, wood, leather, plastics and more.

Unforgettable offers on-the-spot engraving (when practical) and welcomes items purchased elsewhere for engraving. No project is too big or small - businesses, organizations, weddings, and other large quantity orders are always encouraged and discounts offered. We can engrave logos, handwriting, etc. to add your official brand or personal design to any project.

We also perform watch sizing and battery replacement, as well as matte photo printing, sizing and installation to complete all of our photo-keepsake items (lockets, frames, etc.)

Unforgettable is glad to assist you in-person and via phone, text, email, and video call. Please contact us for anything - inquiries, guidance, quotes, etc.

Our Products

In curating the selection of engravable products for the gift shoppe, Unforgettable focuses on offering handcrafted keepsakes, USA-made goods and historic quality brands.