Collection: Bronze

Bronze is a metal alloy combining copper, which represents luck, and tin, which symbolizes durability. Admired throughout the ages for its distinctly unique color, in addition to its physical merits of versatility and durability, bronze has long held a status in the company of silver and gold. 

While not as common a choice in jewelry, accessories and the like, bronze is perhaps so appreciated precisely for that reason... It represents the road less traveled. It conveys a sense of pride in hard work, integrity and humility.

Bronze sculptures stir such emotion, not because they are shiningly beautiful, but because they illustrate in their very form the raw power of the earth and the craftsmen who dare to wield it. We think of the Bronze Age and think of man's early ingenuity, arduously building the foundation for all civilization to come.

Whether gifting for an 8th anniversary or that special someone who's a diamond in the rough, the salt of the earth, explore our curated selection of bronze goods waiting to be crafted into eternal keepsakes with your message and our custom engraving service.