Collection: Plaques

Plaques are a timeless means to honor someone. Whether it's for success in a particular trade, professional practice or athletics, an engraved plaque is a thoughtful way to commemorate achievement.

Bestowing these testaments to their accomplishment, personally recorded with their name, dates and all of the relevant information pertaining to their victories, makes it official and lets them know their efforts are valued and recognized. Hanging in an office, workspace, or room will remind them time and again how incredible they are.

Our curated collection of plaques is just a sampling of the possibilities. Plaques are highly customizable items. By contacting us, we can discuss additional options such as: different engraving plates to attach to any plaque, larger or smaller sizes, other finishes and woods, accessories to mount, or send us logos to engrave and add an even more personal touch to your gifting experience.