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Sheaffer 100 Chrome with Gold Trim Ballpoint Pen

Sheaffer 100 Chrome with Gold Trim Ballpoint Pen

The Sheaffer Pen Company, a timeless symbol of innovation and quality craftsmanship in the world of writing instruments, was established in 1913 in Fort Madison, Iowa, U.S.A. Each Sheaffer pen tells a story of artistry and precision, reflecting an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Sheaffer is the pioneer of the lever-filling fountain pen, the inlaid nib and many more significant advancements, underscoring the company's perpetual drive for innovation. Sheaffer pens have been more than just a witness to history; they have written it. Your involvement and support keep the spirit of Sheaffer alive, so let's continue to write this story together.

The Sheaffer 100 makes a great gift for celebrating an occasion or kicking off a new chapter. With its modern design, timeless finish options, and balanced feel, it is the perfect tool for letting ideas flow effortlessly onto the page. For anyone who enjoys writing, the Sheaffer 100 is an affordable way to bring that experience up a notch while also making an impression.

  • Elegant, streamlined silhouette
  • Stylish cut-out clip
  • Features the Sheaffer® White Dot® symbol of quality and prestige
  • Effortless twist action mechanism
  • Specially formulated ink flows flawlessly for a smooth writing experience
  • Presented in a luxury gift box

Personalize this writing tool with our custom engraving service to craft a gift that's both functional and meaningful. Not only will the pen last a lifetime, it will take on new significance for the owner as a treasured keepsake, a reminder of fond memories every time they use it, or a professional status symbol filling them with confidence with every stroke.

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